A Bay Area ExclusiveCannabis subscription membership club

Personalized cannabis boxes curated by our genies to bring you California's best brands at wholesale prices. Pause or cancel subscription anytime.

A $250+ value for $100

The Fine Details

Know what's going to be in your box and look forward to a freebie on the house after the purchase of your third box.

What's in the box?

It's a California Dream! Every box is filled with 5-7 premium products at 50-60% discount. Our members enjoy a wide variety of brands that have been meticulously tested for quality. Take a short quiz to let our genies know your product preferences, and then our team curates the perfect box for you.

A $250+ value for only $100

Freebie after your third order

As a ‘thank you’ for joining the club and becoming a member, not only will you continue to receive California’s best mix of quality cannabis products, we will also throw in an extra 8th after your 3rd box - on the house :)

It's a Lifestyle

3 Wishes

Get a free 8th included in your box after your 3rd box- on us.

Curated for You

Select your strain and product preferences and our genies will curate the perfect box for you every time.

Add On Shop Coming Soon

Soon you'll have access to deeply discounted products to add onto your box to enchant your selections.

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What will be in my box?
Do I need a medical rec to join?
How do I cancel?
How can I check the status of my box?
What is your license number?
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